Mission, Vision and Pledge


T. Clay Wood Elementary School will be a safe, positive, inclusive, and culturally responsive World-Class Learning Community.

We will prepare all our students for their future, in partnership with our entire school community, by inspiring and empowering them to:

  • Meet high academic standards and expectations
  • Learn to their fullest potential
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Communicate effectively
  • Utilize 21st century technology
  • Develop their voice and talents
  • Enhance their health and wellness
  • Become innovative problem solvers, productive citizens, responsible leaders and lifelong learners within the global community


A Community of Leaders and Learners Achieving Excellence


Our T. Clay Wood Timberwolf Pledge

“I am Trustworthy, Respectful to everyone, Responsible for my work, my choices and my actions, Fair, Caring and a Good Citizen. I am a Quality Leader and Learner Achieving Excellence. I seek to make a Positive Difference at T. Clay Wood Elementary School each day.”