The Drama Club will have two performance showcases this fall!!! 

The first will be a showcase including your audition pieces (tentatively scheduled for late October). 

The second will be the fall play (tentatively schedules for mid-December).


This will be a great opportunity for students to share their amazing talents with the T. Clay Wood students and their families!  These will be great performances to bring joy to our T. Clay Wood family!


Steps to join Fall Drama Club.

1. Read the INTRODUCTION LETTER.  (There is a video summary of the letter below.)


2. Complete the APPLICATION.


3. PICK A MONOLOGUE OR POEM to perform for your audition performance.  (If you have problems viewing, as my family was, click on the three dots by the file name and click OPEN IN BROWSER.  If you have the Adobe Document Cloud option it does not work.  Hopefully this doesn't affect you.)


4. Sign up for your monologue or poem choice on the DRAMA CLUB EXCEL SHEET.  (Only one person may do each monologue or poem.) 


5. Practice your monologue or poem.


6. Practice your monologue or poem.


7. Record and submit your performance.  (Mr. Dove will share information at a later date about that process.)


*There will be two information sessions in later September about the club for all applicants.

*EMAIL MR. DOVE with any questions.




Clay Wood Drama Club is for 4th and 5th graders who have a love for acting and are willing to work hard on a play that will be performed at the end of each session. 

There will be three drama clubs that take place during the year:


  1. Fall Drama Club: will meet on either Thursday or Friday and perform a play in mid-December.  Auditions are in September.
  2. Spring Drama Club:  will meet on either Thursday or Friday and perform a play in late May.  Auditions in February.
  3. Timberwolf Drama: This is a new group that will meet on Mondays and last all year long.  The group will only have 10-12 members.  So, the selection will be more selective.  In this group members will do various acting performances for the school.  Members of this group should also be in the Fall and Spring Drama Club. 

Students can audition for one of the clubs or take part in all three.  Watch the Drama Club website for more information including audition times, forms, and play information.

I look forward to another wonderful year of Drama Club at T. Clay Wood Elementary School!




Local Theater Opportunities:

Pied Piper Theatre - Excellent location for extracurricular plays and drama classes!

George Mason Community Arts: Acting for Young People - Awesome program that a past student attended and really loved!  They offer fall and spring shows, summer camps, spring break camps, and holiday camps.  The show take on average 180 students that perform show at different times and are groups by age.  (It is a little drive, but I hear it is well worth it.)

Mason Community Arts Classes - This is a link to the class registration for the George Mason Community Arts program.

Youth Center Stage at Freedom Center - A great local program that offers summer acting and writing camps and performances throughout the year.  It is located at the Freedom Center, nice and close to school.  

Fauquier Community Theatre: Youth Theatre - A great local theatre with an nice intimate theatre feel for performances.  Fauquier Community Theatre offers year round performance opportunities as well as summer camps.