Visit our Second Grade Team "Continuous Learning" plan for a version of the weekly calendar that should have working links:

Hello Second Grade Families!

     I've attached the calendar the second grade team will be using this week for optional at-home-learning. The links in each section should take you directly to the resources needed. There are few activities that may require printing, but students should be able to learn the content even if a printer is not available. I will post the calendar in an email and on Classdojo as well. 

    We understand that there may be a few snags along the way as we begin a more formalized system of delivering materials. We will also be receiving training this week with another product PWCS has made available to us. The superintendent has asked that we provide 60 minutes per week of optional learning activities per subject area. That breaks down to just a few minutes on each subject everyday. Every family situation is different, and if you are finding this schedule does not work for you, feel free to use it as a resource and either build on it for extension or dial it back to fit your schedule.

    We will be reaching out with invitations and directions for class meetings each week and possibly some video lessons as well.

   While we will be checking our email and Classdojo daily, we are required to have scheduled "office hours" each week. The second grade team will be available each Tuesday from 10-11:00 to answer any questions about the week's lessons or general information you may need.

    It is still sinking in that we won't be back together again in class this school year.  The whole situation is rather surreal. We are thinking of all of you and missing you terribly. Please keep working hard and always remember we are here for you!

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