Welcome to Art with Mrs. Hughes 
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Trip To The Beach.png   Happy Summer! June 2020           I hope everyone has a great summer!  I have created a list of YouTube videos and websites to keep your artistic skills, imagination, and creativity flowing through the summer.  Be creative and have fun!

Sidewalk Chalk Art- The Idea Room-  Mosaic design using tape.

Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Art Series- Radial design called mandala.

Quick, Draw- Quick doodle game like Pictionary.

Art for Kids Hub- How to draw for kids website.

58 Summer Art Camp Ideas- Indoor and outdoor art activities including nature, craft, accessory, and painting ideas.  

PBS Kids Coloring Games- Interactive art games.

Tate Kids- Play free art games and fun quizzes, find art activities, read about artists and share your art.



There are 4 strands in the Art Curriculum:

1. Visual Communication
Students will be able to understand and apply elements of design.

2. Art History & Cultural Context 
Students will understand the relationship of cultures, history, artists and their influences on the world of art.

3. Analysis & Evaluate
Students will learn to interpret, reflect upon and evaluate their own artwork and work of artists.

4. Aesthetics
Students will develop awareness of personal meaning and value of visual arts.